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Get over the feeling that “you aren’t doing it right” and connect deeper with your body.


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Discover the brain/booty benefits of Pilates. Learn how Pilates is so much more than just exercise.


Start a new chapter in your story, stop fighting your body and start loving it by taking control of your fitness and self-care routine so that you can workout in your own home on your own time with your favorite tunes blasting.

Find the support you need to get on track and stay on track towards a lean body and healthy mind with my help and the help of the supportive Brain/Booty Boss community. Accomplish your goals with the benefits of an encouraging team!

You don’t have to give up what makes you happy for fitness. You don’t have to deprive yourself in order to be healthy. Learn how to find fun in fitness, happiness in healthy choices, and how to change your habits without losing what makes you, you. In fact, taking ownership of your health and self-care will help you find self acceptance, learn to extend yourself gratitude and forgiveness and help you feel more present and less anxious.

A toned core is just a bonus.

As a college student I fell in love with Pilates at a small local studio. After several years of practicing and successfully rehabilitating what I lovingly call my “waitress shoulder” I decided that I wanted to teach Pilates. I wanted to help people connect with their bodies on a deeper level and to encourage body confidence, awareness, and the fun in fitness that I had discovered in myself.


Flash forward to now and I am doing just that online and in person!


I started Create Move Pilates with the goal of helping women discover that they can take ownership of their bodies from their brains to their booties! I am not interested in shooting magic bullets into the world, but in helping you develop a healthy lifestyle full of joy, movement, and confidence.

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Morning Ritual Pilates Practice

What is my morning ritual? Each morning I wake up around 6:30 AM in a quiet blanket of coastal fog. The fog adds to the peacefulness of the morning. It makes me feel calm as I jump in the shower. If I have an early student at the studio I grab a coffee and...

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Create A Deeper Connection With Your Body

Embrace Pilates As A Lifestyle.

These wonderful people loved it!

Usually, right after class, I feel very relaxed. The next day I may experience some muscle soreness, but no pain, no gain!  It feels good to be moving and to know that what I am doing for myself is helping my balance, posture, and state of mind!


Sarah created a pilates work out specialized to my body. Not only did I loose a clothing size but my posture improved and everyday tasks at work, like lifting and reaching became easier and easier.


I had no idea how much I’d been building balance and coordination while practicing Pilates. The classes are still challenging but thanks to the core strength I’ve built and the knowledge of how proper form feels for me I’m having a blast.


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