Pilates Essentials: Get over the fear that you aren't doing it right and connect deeper with your body.
Create Move Pilates Studio Owner performing the Pilates exercise Swan.
You want to make sure that you understand the foundations of Pilates so that you don't waste tie with quantity of quality and achieve the most efficient workout for a toned core and better poster.
Create Move Pilates virtual studio owner Sarah Clark performing a one leg bridge
You wish you had a Pilates teacher in your living room to answer questions, focus on form, and teach you the details behind the exercises.
But most of all you want to feel better in your body with more energy, fewer aches, and more confidence in your Pilates routine.

As I a Pilates teacher I have helped hundreds of women learn the foundations of Pilates, helping them find perfect form, and encouraging them to connect with their bodies from their brains to their booties.

I know:


  • That the fear of doing Pilates wrong can be paralyzing.
  • That you want to jump into group classes or YouTube videos, but don’t have the funds for private lessons to learn the basics.
  • That it can be overwhelming and confusing to hear detailed cues in large Pilates classes at the gym or local YMCA. You are always left wondering, “Were they talking to me?”
  • That sometimes your back or neck can hurt after a session due to poor form.
  • That you want to get the most out of your workout routine, your money, and your time.
Create Move Pilates Virtual Pilates and wellness studio with online classes. A toned core is just a bonus.

I know how to help because I was once in the same position. I was relatively healthy in high school due to a naturally active lifestyle, I liked to go on hikes or dance to loud music in my bedroom, and walked miles and miles before owning a car (I was a late bloomer, ha). But I did not like exercise or anything athletic.

As I got more responsibilities like college, my first job, a live-in boyfriend, I gained weight. I should have invested in my health then, learned how to manage my time and prioritize self-care. Instead, I procrastinated, I told myself I couldn’t afford it, didn’t have the time, and that it wouldn’t make a difference anyways. I waited until I realized that how I felt about my body was preventing me from living life to the fullest, I was beginning to choose to stay in rather than going out, I believed I couldn’t wear certain fashions, and constantly compared myself to others.

This is no way to live.

I could have enjoyed shopping for clothing,

I could have waited tables without my feet aching at the end of the night,

I could have felt better about myself and my body.

I started to play around with fitness. I tried lots of things, but nothing fit quite like Pilates. I liked mind/body exercise but wasn’t bendy enough for yoga. I wanted to feel strong and fierce but didn’t enjoy lifting weights at the gym. I wanted to have a trim waist but wasn’t a huge fan of jogging. Pilates checked all these criteria, and as I began to get in touch with my body, I realized that I had been ignoring it. Aches and pains that I didn’t even realize that I had begun to melt away. I started to want to eat better because I realized it made me feel better. I became less anxious, my skin started to clear up, and I lost weight without even realizing it.

You may be thinking, “Well great for you, but how is that going to help me?” 

Well let me tell you the secret to my success.

I found a great teacher who taught to my strengths, offered modifications and challenges, and was always there for support letting me know that if I set my mind to it; I could do anything.

This is who I want to be for you. I want to help you dive deep into the Pilates repertoire helping you connect mind and body, brain and booty so that you feel confident in your practice and start a journey that will lead to a feeling of ease in your body, more confidence in your abilities, and an effective, deep workout. You’ll realize that a toned core is just a bonus.

I'm Sarah, ad I own a virtual Pilates and wellness studio where I teach women who struggle to focus on their health, form their brain to their booty, because everyone deserves to feel strong, powerful, and confident

You know that you want a healthier lifestyle without time-consuming trips to the gym, expensive memberships, and unfriendly instructors.


You’ve tried YouTube fitness videos, but didn’t know where to start. You ended up wishing that you had all the videos you needed in the right order, all in one place with a chance to ask questions.


You want to progress in your practice, from novice to accomplished, quickly and with ease.

This is it. This is where you start.

You start with a knowledgable teacher, in a classroom-like setting, who gives detailed instructions and answers your questions.


You start with the basics. so that you have a solid foundation for your practice, eliminating the excuse that you don’t know what you are doing.


You start in your living room, where you can practice affordably any time.

When you learn the in and outs of Pilates you take control of your practice giving you freedom from self-doubt in your workout, the motivation and excitement to learn more, and the ability to practice Pilates more efficiently.

After this course, you’ll…

  • Know the fundamentals of the Pilates exercises, allowing you to practice from home with more confidence.
  • Practice Pilates more effectively, leading to a leaner body sooner.
  • Rid yourself of aches and pains through proper form and exercise that targets deep, often unused, muscles.
  • Feel more balanced after taking your health into your hands.
  • Have the tools you need to start your Pilates practice and find brain/booty health.


Pilates is accessible to everyone, but it’s potential is left untapped without the proper foundations.

This is why I offer Pilates Essentials, the perfect course for the Pilates student who values quality over quantity in their workout and wants to make sure that they are doing it right!

Join Pilates Essentials whenever you want and have immediate access to all 14 lessons and a 45-minute beginner workout video so that you don’t have to wait to get started with your practice.

After completing each lesson, which includes a 10-15 minute video, and a brief written lesson plan, including Pro Tips, you will have the chance to ask me questions directly in the comments. You can feel confident in each movement principle, knowing how to perform it, how to modify it and how it applies to the Pilates exercises.

When I see that you have signed up for my class, I will send you an invitation to join the private Create Move Pilates Facebook group to the email address provided. The group is full of Brain/Booty Bosses ready to support you and help keep you on track.

Create Move Pilates, Become a Brain/Booty Boss

Here’s what you learn in Pilates Essentials:

Lesson 1: Relaxing The Back with Neutral Spine – Learn about the importance of neutral spine and how to find it using three different techniques. Includes a breathing exercise that relaxes the back and mind.

Lesson 2: Taking Neutral Spine with You – Standing and Sitting in Neutral – This lesson discusses your ideal posture in standing and sitting so that you can lengthen and support your spine in the right position while gaining height and confidence.

Lesson 3: Breath, The End and The Beginning – In this lesson, I’ll introduce you to how the breath is used in Pilates for a more effective workout through three different breathing exercises.

Lesson 4: Finding Ease In The Ribcage – The ribcage can be a cause of pain and tension in many bodies. In this lesson, you will earn about he connection between the ribcage and shoulders and how to find strength and relaxation in the ribcage for a fully connected core using one simple exercise.

Lesson 5: Give Your Spine A Hug With A Deep Ab Connection – Finally we start talking about the core 🙂 In this lesson, you’ll learn about what exactly the core means and how to properly connect with your core using your breath.

Lesson 6: Eliminating Low Back Pain With Lumbopelvic Stability – I’ve read that 80% of the population in the US will experience back pain. Are you one of them? In this lesson, I teach you how core strength, back strength, and pelvic stability combine to eliminate low back pain with three simple exercises.

Lesson 7: Stretching And Strengthening the Back Body With Bridges – I love this lesson because I get to introduce one of my favorite exercises the Pilates Bridge. I explain how to correctly perform the Pilates Bridge using the knowledge learned in previous lessons and two exercises.

Lesson 8: C- Curve Abs – Learn all about the Pilates C-curve, a deep ab strengthener and healthy stretch for the back, and the basis of many Pilates core exercises.

Lesson 9: Toning the Core with Upper Ab Curls – I end the section on the core with the upper ab curl, an essential for the 100s and many other traditional Pilates exercises.

Lesson 10: Move Your Shoulders To Ease Tension – Learn how to mobilize your shoulders to fight neck and shoulder pain in two easy exercises that you can perform anywhere you have a mat!

Lesson 11: Strong Shoulders – After mobilizing your shoulders learn how to strengthen them using the right muscles! I’ll introduce two exercise that helps strengthen and tone your shoulders, side body, and upper back.

Lesson 12: Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff – In the final lesson on the shoulder I’ll teach you how to strengthen the tiny muscles in the shoulder that help to support your arm in two exercise. If you have torn your rotator cuff in the past this lesson is for you!

Lesson 13: Lengthen the Spine for Perfect Posture – I’ll introduce an extension of the spine to strengthen the back, lengthen the spine, and fight “text neck.”

Lesson 14: Neutral Spine in All Fours and Side-Lying – In the final lesson I introduce the last two neutral spine positions allowing you to find proper form in all Pilates exercises.

Lesson 15: 45 Minute Beginner Workout Video – This video combines many of the above exercise and more into your first workout routine with a flow. After you complete all the lessons you will be ready to take this video on like a pro!

Often when students first begin their Pilates practice, they express a desire to be able to practice in their home so they can practice more often, progress faster and come to the studio less.

So I designed a course that answered these needs. I want everyone to succeed, to take ownership of their bodies, and to have the knowledge that makes Pilates work for them.

Sarah Clark of Create Move Pilates sitting on her yoga mat with Return to health by Joe Pilates
Sarah Clark of Create Move Pilates doing the Pilates Roll Down with a Theraband

My love for teaching and my comprehensive 500+ hour Pilates certificate through Balanced Body, combined with my personal journey from disconnected and lost to Brain/Booty Boss, place me in a unique position to guide the beginning Pilates student to success.

This program is different than so many others out there because it offers detailed, clear, manageable instruction that truly focuses on giving you the knowledge to perform Pilates with confidence and know-how.

I won’t just sell you the course and ditch. I’ll be there to answer your questions, offer motivation, and make sure you know where to go next.

In Pilates Essentials, I don’t just bark out instruction. I take the time to explain the how and why behind the movement. Giving my students an advantage when they move forward with their Pilates practice. You won’t just be going through the motions.

I’ve designed this class so that you won’t need to worry about, falling behind in a group class, how you are going to afford you next private session, and so you won’t waste time performing high reps with poor form.

When you finish Pilates Essentials, you won’t just go through the motions of Pilates. You’ll have the ability to connect with your body deeper for a more effective exercise every time.

This is why Pilates Essentials is so valuable. You will have gained the knowledge usually acquired during a series of pricey private sessions in a format you can watch over and over again from the comfort of your home.

Don’t leave yourself at risk for fitness burnout due to feeling as if you’re not getting anywhere, that you haven’t found the right teacher, or simply that you don’t have time to make it to a class.

Start your journey toward becoming a Brain/Booty Boss and take control of your Pilates routine with Pilates Essentials.

Save yourself time, money, and nagging self-doubt in your workout with just one affordable online class.

Want to know more about Pilates Essentials before committing? You can preview select lessons here.

After purchasing Pilates Essentials, you will receive a welcome email from Teachable (my hosting platform) and gain instant access to every single lesson.

As soon as I receive an email telling me that you have joined the class and committed to becoming a Brain/Booty Boss, I will invite you to a private Facebook group through the email provided.

Still not sure if Pilates Essentials is right for you?

Let me break it down into clear, manageable pieces for you, just like I do in my lessons!

Pilates Essential is for you if:

  • You are a beginner Pilates student.
  • You want to understand the how and the why behind the exercises
  • You value form and quality over quantity.
  • You want to take ownership of your routine and be able to practice anytime and anywhere.

Pilates Essentials is not for you if:


  • You are seeking a magic bullet for fitness.
  • You enjoy someone yelling at you in a high pressure, competitive, environment.
  • You feel like building a solid foundation for your workout is a waste of time.

Sarah is an excellent teacher, and she is a lot of fun, too…I always work hard in her class because, as sweet and gentle as she is, she is really tough!

- Elise

“Sarah is a great teacher, very knowledgable, and I am very comfortable working with her… It feels good to be moving and to know that what I am doing for myself is helping my balance, posture, and state of mind! I highly recommend Sarah and all she has to offer!”

- Saidi

I have recommended her classes to my friends and would recommend them to anyone looking to start or improve a workout routine.

- Rose

Got questions?

I’ve got answers.



How does having good form help me have a more efficient workout?

For you to receive all the benefits of Pilates, you must spend time focusing on form. A focus on form is what makes Pilates different. With good form Pilates can lengthen your spine, correct poor movement patterns, create long, lean muscles, improve posture, access deep muscles that are often underused, give you an intenser workout faster.

What concrete results will I see in my workout after finishing Pilates Essentials?

Exercises that used to feel easy will become more challenging, engage deeper muscles, and possibly even make you shake. You will understand the subtle movements that make Pilates challenging. Most importantly, you will be able to approach your at home Pilates practice with understanding rather than fear of the unknown.

I don’t learn well from videos alone, will this course still help me?

YES! This course is designed to help students that have a hard time with just videos or your teacher’s cues. I have broken down the exercises, movement principles, Pro Tips, in writing to reinforce this videos.

I’ve been taking Pilates for almost a year is this course right for me?

YES! This course is perfect for beginners who don’t know anything about Pilates, but they will also help the intermediate student looking to up their game and perform Pilates with a focus on form.

Don't practice poor Pilates any longer. Move beyond doubt in your workout.

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