My mother always puts a premium on a good bath experience. As a single parent she worked hard and the shower, or better yet bath, was a sacred space. One you could emerge from a new person. Our bathrooms were always small and cramped, but she had cheap tips for a spa experience in a blah bathroom.
My mother valued her showers, they were a luxury for her and she treated it as such, making her own products and sharing that knowledge with me. My mother set me up with a few library books and a trip to the local apothecary for herbs and essential oils. I would make masks, moisturizers, and dream pillows designed for relaxation. It has always been a fun, low pressure, way to be creative.
I wanted to use some of the skills that I have honed throughout my life to give you a simple, darn luxurious, at home luxury bath or shower experience… Let’s start with the space.

 How to turn your blah bathroom into a spa experience:

So Fresh and So Clean – Clean your bathroom, even if you just cleaned it yesterday give the tub or shower floor a good scrub. Think about your eye line when you are in the tub. It’s a weird angle. Can you see areas that you might typically miss when you clean the tub? If so, clean it.
Set the Mood with Lighting – Get yourself some good mood lighting. You can use Christmas lights strung on the towel rack, candles, or a lamp with some tights over it (not touching don’t burn down your house) and pointed toward the wall.
Stay Hydrated – Get fancy and drink flavored water through a metal straw. I include a recipe for hydrating spa water below, but you could also drink coconut water.
Satisfy the Senses – Have some white noise or mellow music – Try these playlists on Apple Music, Ocean Sounds by Zen Sounds, Spring Moon Melodies, or Pure Yoga. Personalize your experience with your favorite playlist, but make sure it’s mellow and won’t draw you out of your experience.
Release Tight Muscles – Rub arnica on sore muscles, place a warm, wet, rag across your shoulders, or gently rub your neck shoulders and arms.
Take Advantage of Aromatherapy – Use scent to convey the mood that you want. You can use candles or an essential oil diffuser. I recommend lavender for relaxation, pine for stress relief, or vanilla and jasmine to elevate your mood.
Go Big – Sprinkle rose petals in the bath, or buy that face mask that you’ve wanted to try, or pour yourself a glass of wine. Go big and by a cozy robe to wear after. There is nothing better than stepping into a cloud after bath or shower.
Stay Cozy – You don’t want to step out of your nice warm cocoon and into the Arctic of a cold bathroom. Stay cozy and heat your bathroom with a portable heater. Just make sure it doesn’t get too toasty.
Cover Your Toilet – There is one thing that you can change about your bathroom, and that is that your toilet is probably staring you right in the face. Not a great view. Cover your unsightly toilet with a nice neutral towel. Not the one you’ll be using to dry off.
Have Lots of Clean Towels – If you have read this far, you will know that clean towels of various sizes are a must.
If you do even just a few of the things from this extensive list, your bathroom experience will be elevated from bleh to yes, please.
On top of turning your shitty little bathroom here are some easy DIY natural remedies for your luxury bath or shower…
Hydrating Spa Water Recipe – This one is simple, add cucumber and lemon or cucumber and mint to your water. Let this naturally flavored water sit for at least an hour for max flavor potential.
Moisturizing Bath Oil Recipe – I debated whether to call this an oil because I have you put some oatmeal in it, but it’s still pretty oily. The oils will float on top of the water moisturizing the skin. It will also make the bath and your feet slippery so be careful!
¼ cup Jojoba Oil
5-10 drops Chamomile Essential Oil
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
¼ cup oatmeal
Mix together in small bowl and add to bath.
Eye Tea – This is another simple one it can be done on the couch if you only have a shower. Take plain chamomile tea bags (no mint) and place them in warm (not boiling water), or straight into your bathtub. Let them steep for 1 minute, allow them to cool, and then place them on your eyes.
Oil Scalp Treatment for Dry Scalps – Oil Scalp treatments should be done up to once a week. They can leave your hair feeling a little greasy. There are a few things you can do to keep down the grease. Get your hair wet with warm water before adding the oil treatment. Only put oil on your scalp, it will make it to the ends as you wash it out. Wash your hair twice, and then condition as usual.
⅛ cup Jojoba
⅛ cup Olive oil
5-10 drops Rosemary Essential Oil or one sprig fresh rosemary soaked in the oil mixture overnight.
Stay Cool – Keep a bowl of cold water with about 5-10 lavender drops in it. Dip a washcloth in it and place it on your forehead if you start to overheat in the tub.
Enjoy your spa time!
Let me know in the comments which tip was your favorite or if you have any I missed!