Become a Brain/Booty Boss: Take control of your health for your brain to your booty.

You Dream Of...

Having more energy at the end of a long workday.

Building a core while incorporating whole body care.

Having the accountability of a teacher and a community to help you stay on track.

You may feel overwhelmed by your job, your social life, and the number on your scale, but trust me…

Those challenges aren’t going away.

You feel lost when it comes to your self-care routine not knowing were to begin when it comes to find fun in fitness, freedom in movement, and taking ownership of your body from your brain to your booty.

You want to have more energy at the end of a long day day, reconnect with your inner self, and discover how to make Pilates a lifestyle.

I can help...

I can help...

I’m Sarah, and I own a virtual Pilates and wellness studio where I teach women who struggle to focus on their health, from their brain to their booty, because everyone deserves to feel strong powerful and confident.

Join me and take ownership of you health form your brain to your booty.

As a certified Pilates teacher and Brain/Booty Boss Mentor, I’ve spent years teaching women Pilates in a fun, creative, and empowering environment, where clients see results including toned abs, sleek arms, more confidence in their bodies abilities.

I can help you…

  • Learn about your brain/booty connection, the connection between mental and physical health and between the mind and the body during an effective Pilates workout, and how it will help you feel less anxious, more energized, and more connected to your body.
  • Ditch the feeling of being “lost” when it comes to fitness. Practice simple, easy, and clear workout routines that create a strong core, toned muscles, and improve posture.
  • Find the root of what motivates you so you can accomplish your goals and create an enjoyable, lifelong, connection to brain/booty health.
  • Discover time for yourself in the daily grind of life; workout from the comfort of your home, anytime, without expensive props, or inconvenient trips to the gym or Pilates studio.
  • Master making healthy choices, both mentally and physically, without calorie counting, scale worshipping, or guilt.
  • Join a community of fun, creative, adventurous, women, all on the same journey.
  • Look in the mirror and think, “Damn, I’m HOT!”

I believe that everyone has the ability to be a Brain/Booty Boss and take ownership of their fitness and self-care routines, gain a deeper connection with their body, and finally realize that you deserve to make time of yourselves.


A toned core is just a bonus.


Because when you have an educated mentor and like-minded community to guide you you’ll learn the best fitness routines for your body, stop judging yourself and start realizing how many people share the same challenges.

When you work with me, you get access to my wealth of Pilates knowledge, that is always growing due to my belief that a good teacher is a perpetual student. I’ve spent a lifetime exploring self-care, from creative projects that encourage self-exploration and mindfulness (like, art journals), herbal remedies (like, DIY spa treatments), and clean eating. As someone who embraces teaching from the perspective of a student, I know your struggle because I’ve struggled, and continue to struggle, with the same things. I know what it’s like to procrastinate on self-care, to feel overwhelmed and stressed by the daily grind, to look in the mirror or step on a scale and think, “Meh, that doesn’t make me happy, but I don’t know what to do about it. Maybe this chocolate bar will make me feel better.” It never does. This is why I can help you. 

I’ve been there and (even though I may slip up) I’ve learned how to take control of my health, my self-esteem, and my anxiety. I can now face the day ready to teach back-to-back Pilates classes, dance with friends all night, and still make time for a moment with my mind or body (or both, if I’m lucky) because I am a Brain/Booty Boss!

As we work together, I will encourage you to change your relationship to self-care, fitness, and how you think about your body. I, along with a Facebook Group full of like-minded women, will help you find and maintain a fun, easy, and effective, fitness and self-care that you can fit into your busy schedule. We’ll work together until taking care of yourself becomes second nature. If you are new to Pilates and self-care, I’ll provide you with a solid foundation, clearly, concisely, and with the goal of actually teaching you about your body, so that you never feel like you don’t know what to do.

By the time our work together is done, you’ll have more confidence in your body, your workout routine, and yourself. You’ll have more balance in your life, be more committed to your self-care routine and ready for any bumps in the road or challenges that may come your way and throw you off course. You’ll have begun a new, brighter, chapter in your life, your health and wellness will no longer feel like another to-do list item, healthy choices will be easier, and your body will feel better, inside and out.

Practice Pilates online with Create Move Pilates. See what we offer from our virtual studio with free classes to Pilates Essentials the course for Pilates students who are just beginning or want to take a deep dive into their practice.

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