A monthly Pilates calendar with effective and clear workouts that encourages you to get to your mat daily.

I know you want to make Pilates a regular habit in order to take ownership of your body like the powerful woman you are.

That you don’t always have the time to drive to the gym, workout, and drive home. That you wish you could practice from your living room in your pajamas, from your hotel when you travel, or on the lawn while your kids play in the park.

I know that you are looking for efficient, effective, and clear 10 – 30 minute workouts without music so that you can bump your own tunes whether that is motown or dubstep.

This calendar uses my library of over 100 private and public Pilates practice videos accessbile to you in a easy to use downloadable calendar with clickable links.

  • Don’t waste your time searching YouTube for a Pilates practice every day.
  • Don’t use the same workout every day that gets boring and stale.
  • Don’t spend your money on class cards that always expire.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to a limited class schedule.
  • Make your Pilates practice easy with this free monthly Pilates practice calendar from Create Move Pilates.

I made this calendar with you in mind.

I have developed and maintained a regular Pilates practice since 2012. I know the benefits of a regular Pilates practice, from relief from chronic pain to less foot pain when working long hours on my feet.

It can be challenging to find the time to practice Pilates every single day. Practicing Pilates in a studio or gym every day is unrealistic. The hour-long format isn’t even necessary if you are making it to your mat every day. The steep price tag of a membership of individual class can be prohibiting. There may not even be a Pilates offered near you. This is why I have made all of the workouts in the free Pilates calendar under 30-minutes with most sessions running around 15 minutes.

I want you to make it to your mat regularly because I know that if you don’t you might not make the most of your body’s potential, continue to live with chronic pain, or never gain the feeling of taking ownership of your body rather than feeling like a passenger.

I’m Sarah, and I own a virtual Pilates and wellness studio where I teach women who want to take ownership of their bodies, because everyone deserves to feel strong powerful and confident.


As a certified Pilates teacher, I’ve spent years teaching women Pilates in a fun, creative, and empowering environment, where clients see results including toned abs, sleek arms, more confidence in their bodies abilities.


My experience with helping women move forward in their Pilates practice has made me realize that quick, easy, and effective home practice is key to making change.

Imagine that you have been practicing Pilates daily for 3 months. How would your life be different? What would you accomplish?

Would you feel better after a long day at work on your desk, on your feet, or behind a steering wheel?

Could you spend more time playing with your children or dancing with friends?

Can you see yourself feeling more confident in your body and how it moves through space, leading to better posture and more grace?

I can, I can see you accomplishing your wants, dreams, and desires, with the help of Pilates and a regular practice.

The free Create Move Pilates Practice Calendar will help you make Pilates a habit no matter your fitness level or Pilates experience.

What you get when you sign up:

  • A free monthly downloadable calendar delivered to your inbox.
  • Daily Pilates practices that run from 10-30 minutes.
  • Access to the Create Move Pilates Online Studio.