What is my morning ritual?

Each morning I wake up around 6:30 AM in a quiet blanket of coastal fog. The fog adds to the peacefulness of the morning. It makes me feel calm as I jump in the shower. If I have an early student at the studio I grab a coffee and a breakfast to go, getting my movement in later. I try not to berate myself for missing my morning ritual Pilates practice, but I know I function better from my brain to my booty if I get in a quick stretch sesh or light workout.

If I have a little more time a Pilates practice is guaranteed. As well as, a short time spent scrolling social media (let’s be real here) and a check in with my bullet journal. My bullet journal helps keep me centered with a gratitude practice and a list of daily tasks. When I do my morning rituals, rather than just jumping into work, I always have more stamina throughout my day.

This doesn’t mean that it is easy to maintain my ritual. Sometimes that blanket of fog and social feed is just too relaxing, and I miss my chance for my workout. On these mornings it can be easy to fall into a negative headspace. I can feel like I let myself down, or that I am lazy. When this happens, I use my shower, the anchor of my morning, to remind myself of all the things I got done the day before and of all the things that I still have time to do that day. Then I move on with my day.

Why is it important to have movement in your morning ritual?

I include movement in my morning ritual on top of my daily Pilates practice. It helps my body and brain function better throughout the day. The point of a morning practice is to warm up the body, not necessarily challenge it. Think a pleasant morning stroll (maybe with a cup of coffee) over a brisk run. It should be simple, fast, and something you can do without thinking too hard. That’s why I put together this specific Pilates practice for your morning ritual workout.

The Morning Ritual Pilates Practice video includes exercises to stretch the muscles, lengthen the spine, and warm up your body after a (hopefully) restful nights sleep. You can do it from your bed or your mat. It is perfect for coming into your morning slowly and welcoming your body to the day gently.

I’ve started Morning Ritual Pilates Practice with a full body stretch that you can do while lying on your back. Then rolled into spinal articulation with some Bridges. There is also a chance to wring out your spine and digestive system while stretching the low back with a T-Twist. The video continues with gentle movement for the whole body. All exercises can be done on your back or in a seated position so that you can do it comfortably from your bed or mat.

If you use your phone as an alarm, try starting your morning with this video rather than (or in addition to) your moring social scroll. Your body and mind will thank you.