I started out my professional life first as a busser than as a waitress in a high-end fast paced restaurant. At one point in my life, I worked 6 days a week, with the random double thrown in, on the regular and, boy, did my body feel it. I felt my work in, my feet, in my hips, and in my neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to help myself so I just bared the pain, until I ended up injuring my shoulder, which led me to Pilates.

Pilates helped me heal from an injury, but it also could have helped me prevent the injury in the first place. These two videos focus on strengthening and releasing the muscles used in the most common movements during your shift, standing/walking, carrying and setting down plates, and bending over tables to take orders. These exercises were chosen to help get you out of common patterns and misalignments and into the right muscles.


This first video is designed to be done at work, before your shift, during a slow moment, or in place your cigarette break.

This video is designed to be done before or after work. It starts with a lengthy foot rolling session that works as a great massage without even having to touch your feet (or enroll your husband).