I want to help you turn healthy into a lifestyle and reach your goals with Pilates and self-care.

These Pilates freebies are designed to get you there!


Create Move Pilates Virtual Studio Community Motivation Free Pilates Classes Pilates Freebies

If you’re looking for the community setting of a small, fun, and active local studio in the privacy of your own home then you should join the Create Move Pilates Virtual Studio.

Free Pilates Principles ebook Pilates Freebie

This ebook will teach you about the Pilates Principles, not only will you get a deeper more efficient workout, but you will see yourself begin to invoke the Pilates Principles, including ease, concentration, and centering in your daily life.

Check Yourself Strategies for Perfecting Your Form At Home Mini Pilates Course Pilates Freebie

This free Pilates course was designed for anyone who knows the importance of form in their Pilates workout and wants the freedom to improve their own form from anywhere, whether that is your living room, your summer family camping trip, or on the floor of your best friends apartment.

Live Pop-Up Pilates Classes are the closest thing that you can get to an in-person class online, and they are free! All you have to do is head over to Create Move Pilates Facebook page during a scheduled Pop-Up Pilates Class and watch. Pop-Up Classes don’t have a regular time, I announce the class up to 3 days in advance. Sign up to get an invite!