Do you find yourself wanting to practice Pilates at home, but when you do YouTube videos you just feel like something is off?

Do you want to start a Pilates routine, but don’t have access to, or the money for, classes?

Do you practice Pilates for its focus on form, precision, and it’s healing magic?

If so, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Don’t waste your time with poor Pilates, get the most out of your practice and improve your form.

This free Pilates course was designed for anyone who knows the importance of form in their Pilates workout and wants the freedom to improve their own form from anywhere, whether that is your living room, your summer family camping trip, or on the floor of your best friends apartment.

I’m giving this mini course out for FREE because I think it is that important.

When I started my Pilates practice in 2012 I spent hundreds of dollars on private sessions because I knew that part of the beauty of Pilates was its precise movements and focus on form. I then took the information I learned in those private sessions to my group classes and at-home YouTube video workouts. I want to save you all that time and money by giving you the cues that I’ve learned over years of self-practice and teaching. These simple cues can be used during any Pilates workout, whether you are at home or in a large group class.

This may be a free Pilates course, but it is stocked full of awesome tips and tricks to get the most out of your Pilates practice. Great form is important for your practice, not just because it looks good, but because it makes your workout out more efficient. In this course we will be going over simple cues for checking your form, making easy exercises more challenging, and allowing yourself to find a calm body and mind during your workout!

What you’ll learn:

How to use your own hands to improve your form.

How to find a calm body and mind during your workout.

How improving form can challenge your workout.

At the end of this mini course, you will be an internet-video-workout pro!

How you will learn it:

A self-guided mini course that is delivered to your inbox over the course of 5 days; an introduction day, 3 lessons, and a bonus workout video on day 5.

Photos and videos with in depth explanations of each cue.

This course is designed to elevate your practice as quickly and simply as possible. Information is served in bite – sized chunks that are easily digestible (too far with the analogy?)

Sound like what you are looking for?

Don’t waste time!