As someone who has struggled with my own journey toward mind/body health, I know that it is easier with a group of like-minded people lead by a caring mentor.

  • Move your body using the FREE 30-minute Pilates workout pinned to the top of the group and changed on the third Thursday of every month to keep things interesting.
  • Read great content written or specially curated by me.
  • Participate in contests and challenges hosted in the virtual studio.
  • You can share your triumphs and struggles.
  • Engage in Live Q and A session with me about Pilates, self-care, and staying motivated

If you’re looking for the community setting of a small, fun, and active local studio in the privacy of your own home then you should join the Create Move Pilates Virtual Studio.

I know that it can be intimidating to join a new community, especially if you are new to Pilates, fitness, or your self-care journey. But don’t allow that inner voice that tells you that you need to find perfection or be different somehow before you are “ready” to join a group of Brain/Booty Bosses committed to their health, self-care, and loving themselves.

If you are reading this, you are ready to join and see how big of a difference a community can make.

Besides, it’s free so what’s the risk?

As the group creator and Brain/Booty Boss Mentor, I offer free Pilates classes, free group challenges, and free encouragement and advice. I keep the vibe of my virtual studio clean, friendly, and fun so that you can just enjoy the party. I’m a full-time Pilates instructor and self-care addict who loves motivating and sharing my passions with others.

Everyone struggles with their fitness and self-care routines, but nobody has to do it alone.

It’s easy to fall into a vicious cycle of setting goals, not meeting them, feeling bad, avoiding your goals, only to set them again a few months, weeks, or years, later, starting the whole depressing cycle over again.

Break that cycle by finding what’s missing, a community of support to help you stay on track towards your goals.

Imagine what you can do with the help of a community of Brain/Booty Bosses all on the same journey. You could make friends that hold you accountable to your goals, or find people who help you find the triumphs in the speed bumps we all hit along the way, or just have a place to vent about how you missed legs day because you just kept hitting snooze on your alarm (oops!)

But you can only find this community if you join, introduce yourself, and mark the date for our next challenge on your calendar.

Create Move Pilates Virtual Studio is a Facebook Group full of Brain/Booty Bosses that know how to support each other, have fun, and make it feel like a party.
I created this group to serve as a virtual meeting place for my Brain/Booty Bosses to get to know one another, support each other, and to stay motivated. Along with the support of the Brain/Booty Bosses, I am active in the group to answer questions, offer tips, and offer free workouts and group challenges.

This group is a closed group in order to keep out the gawkers and trolls. I should approve your request to join within 24 hours.

I really hope that you take this opportunity to gain support and join this group. I would love to see you there.