10 day ready for summer challenge. Spring clean your body and your mind!


Monday, June 11th to Wednesday, June 20th

Has winter left you in a bit of a funk; unhappy, disconnected from your body, and bored?
Tired of all the magazines, media, and fitness programs, screaming at you to get your body bikini ready but still, want to get you mind and body ready for a summer with more energy, longer hikes, and epic days full of sunshine?
Ready to accomplish your goals with the help of an experienced mentor in a party like atmosphere in a virtual studio full of brain/booty bosses?

If the answer is, “Yes!” then you are in the right place.

I am excited to help you spring clean your body and mind. In the 10 Day Ready For Summer Pilates and Self Care Practice I share my expertise in Pilates with daily videos and simple self-care tools I have gathered over a lifetime.

I keep things simple for you because I know:

  • Your life keeps you busy, and your schedule can be hectic, you want small chunks of Pilates and self-care that you can accomplish at any time.
  • That a little bit of friendly encouragement can go a long way in your self-care routine, especially after a long day of work, errands, or chores.
  • That challenges should feel like a party so that self-care doesn’t feel like self-chore.

I’m Sarah and I own a virtual Pilates and self-care studio where I teach women who are ready to focus on their health, from their brain to their booty, because everyone deserves to feel strong, powerful, and confident.

It can be hard to shake off the winter blues and get ready for the sunshine, especially if you feel lost, overwhelmed, or like you are alone in your journey.

You may have taken on challenges in the past, some successfully, others may have felt like a failure.

You are worried that this won’t be any different, that you don’t have the time, the money, or the motivation.

Well, let me ease your fears.

This challenge is broken down into bite-sized pieces without any pressure to fit into a strict schedule. I upload videos to the group daily (The Create Move Pilates Virtual Studio) and emails are sent out each morning. You can participate at any time. Miss a day? No problem do it the next day!

This challenge is different than other challenges because it takes place in my virtual studio, is lead by an experienced, active, mentor (me!), and feels like a party with ways to participate and share every day!

If you are worried about the money, don’t. The entire practice is FREE! 

Want to know more about what we will be doing in the 10 Day Ready For Summer Challenge?

Content shared in the Create Move Pilates Virtual Studio:

  • Daily 10 – minute Pilates video (same as the newsletter).
  • Live check-ins and hangouts with me for questions, comments, encouragement, and fun!
  • Daily discussion related to newsletter content.

Content shared on the Ready for Summer Pilates and Self Care Practice platform:

  • A daily inspirational quote.
  • A daily 10 – minute Pilates video (same as the group).
  • A daily simple self-care task with a group discussion topic that relates to the self-care task or your personal self-care journey.

Join both the newsletter and the group for the full challenge experience.

The schedule:

Day 1: Intro To Pilates and Goal Setting – Day one we explore LumboPelvic stability, which will help ease low back pain, and set intentions for the challenge.

Day 2: Arms and Tackling Self-Care Excuses – Tone your arms in 10 minutes and tackle your excuses for a successful challenge.

Day 3: Abs and Overcoming Fear – Strengthen your core and get outside with today’s activity.

Day 4: Lengthen The Spine and Finding Beauty – Lengthen your spine, walk taller and build your confidence with today’s Pilates workout and activity.

Day 5: Playing With Planks and Planting a Wish – Work your entire body in just 10 minutes, so you have time to grow with today’s activity.

Day 6: Balance, Celebration, and Gratitude – Today we work on balance in our bodies and in our life with a gratuity exercise.

Day 7: Relaxation, Stretch, and Spa Day – Take a day to relax with a mini at home spa day and a Pilates workout focusing on stretch and release.

Day 8: Ease Low Back Pain and A Treasure Hunt – Strengthen the connection between the core and the low back with today’s 10 – minute workout video. Explore the great outdoors and play to win prizes!

Day 9: Arms Part 2 and Your Deepest Desires – Another video for long lean arms and a journal topic to share.

Day 10: Abs Part 2 and Setting Yourself Up For Success – What Pilates is all about! Today we celebrate your success and plan for your future.

Join the 10 day ready for summer challenge
join the 10 day ready for summer challenge