You’re tired of hearing about 6-pack bikini abs, the perfect booty, and thigh gaps, you don’t want to look perfect! You just want to feel better, improve daily and move your body in a mindful way.

You know that the answer is creating a lifestyle around your favorite form of fitness (or soon-to-be favorite), Pilates.

You are ready to take action, leaving behind feelings of overwhelm, self-doubt, and procrastination.

Having developed Pilates as a lifestyle for myself and my many clients, I know that you are struggling with:

  • Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to finding time for fitness in your busy schedule. Driving to the gym just to work out for an hour and then driving home is just too much.
  • Guilt around fitness, whether it is from not being able to find the time, or comparisonitis (You know, that thing that happens when you don’t keep your eye on your own mat).
  • Turning fitness into a habit. Starting is easy, it’s keeping up momentum that is hard.
  • Or maybe you procrastinate, always pushing yourself, and your health, off until tomorrow.
  • Getting over past failures and a negative relationship to fitness that can stem from feelings as old as middle school P.E (talking from personal experience here!)

If this sounds like you and you are READY to leave these feelings behind and replace them with the realization that developing a habit of Pilates can completely change how you feel in your body from your brain to your booty in as little as 30 minutes a day Brain/Booty Boss Breakthrough (B4) is for you!

With the B4 program you will feel better, begin to see fitness and movement as a treat, not a chore, and realize that a toned core is just a bonus.

It’s totally understandable that you feel like fitness is only for athletes and thigh gaps, that if you miss a day you might as well give up, or that it only counts if you push yourself until you want to puke.

The fitness industry is full of leaders who lead through guilt rather than positive reinforcement, maybe you’ve seen a few of them online, on TV, or, unfortunately, in your local gym. Shoving the scale under your feet, insisting on measurements, and saying that sweat and sore is the only path to improvement. That your body’s worth is conveyed through thigh gaps, thin waists, and big booties, not how it feels or what it is capable of doing.

I’m here to tell you that just isn’t true.

The truth is… that health is 100% dependant on how you feel, not how you look. That health isn’t related to how much you sweat, how sore you are, or what a specific body part looks like.

The truth is… that these messages can actually be dangerous, preventing you from starting a new routine, leading to feelings of failure, and they can deprive you of the self-love you deserve.

The truth is… that physical fitness, self-love, and daily improvement can come through habit and lifestyle, without guilt, pressure, or feelings of failure. Miss a day? Who cares? Simply pick yourself up and carry on.

I’m Sarah Clark and I help women take ownership of their bodies from their brains to their booties through Pilates and self-care. I’ve spent years teaching Pilates in a body positive environment, where I watch my students transform their bodies and their mindsets.

I have heard many, many, women tell me about their negative relationship to fitness, health, and their bodies, the stories, and experiences that have become roadblocks on their path to creating the habit of health.

Many of these stories become excuses that are rooted in feelings of failure, shame, and self-doubt. These failures are often related to unrealistic expectations, poor goal setting, and placing the value of exercise on something outside of yourself rather than from within (getting fit to go on a date, or to hit a number on the scale, vs getting healthy to feel better, or to reach the goal of hiking the tallest mountain in your area).

I’m here to help you ditch the guilt and take ownership of your body from your brain to your booty through habit, self-care, and of course, Pilates. Stop letting others dictate how you feel successful in your own body and start loving guilt-free fitness that is more than a magic bullet, it is a lifestyle.

The Brain/Booty Boss Breakthrough (B4) helps you get there by offering, guidance, accountability, and daily workouts, as well as, helping you breakthrough the barriers that have held you back.

We tackle common obstacles, like goals setting, habit building, and body confidence. Allowing you to shift your mindset from fitness as a chore connected to guilt to fitness being a reward for your already awesome bod!

Take a moment to visualize your life:

  • Without the feeling of overwhelm when you think about fitness.
  • With a fitness success story under your belt. Take that procrastination!
  • Without the need to break a sweat to feel like a workout is “worth it” (and still feel (and see) improvements!)
  • With the knowledge and ability to workout from anywhere, trust me it’s a powerful feeling.
  • Without the desire to compare yourself to others.
  • With the ability to accomplish your fitness goals, like dancing the night away without feeling fatigue the next day.

Imagine your life as a confident Brain/Booty Boss who has ownership of her health and her body from her brain to her booty, knowing that a toned core is just a bonus.

This 6-week, personalized, group program is designed for women who want to create a guilt-free Pilates habit guided by self-love.

Before the program even starts I deliver a Pre Program Prep Workbook to your inbox. The workbook is short and sweet, and will help you get the most out of the program.

Select information from the Pre Program Prep Workbook is shared with me so that I can create a customized workout calendar for each B4 participant. This calendar is designed around your body and schedule to help you reach your goals simply and quickly.

B4 is all about developing habit. I want you to be successful in the program and beyond which is why I include 1 downloadable pre-recorded 30-minute video every week for a total of 6 themed workouts for you to use as you continue your Pilates practice.

This program isn’t just about the exercise. There are also weekly topics, discussions, and activities delivered to your inbox and in a Brain/Booty Boss Breakthrough private group (not an FB Group) that will help you create a new relationship to fitness, ditch your guilt, and develop a strong Pilates habit (or practice).

Let me break it down…

Brain/Booty Boss is a 6-week program that includes:

  • Downloadable pre-recorded 30 – minute videos every week.
  • A custom workout calendar for entire 6-weeks (combo of individual exercise videos, the weekly full-length video, and your custom video) given in 3-week increments. 
  • The Roots of Creating Routine – The B4 Pre Package which includes goal setting and a schedule analysis that I use to create your custom workout calendar.
  • Access to a private Brain/Booty Boss Breakthrough Group (not a Facebook group) where I am highly active with a weekly live Q and A, prompts, and discussion on the weekly focus.
  • Weekly focus topics include – Developing Habit, The Power of Positivity, Overcoming Obstacles, Hydration – Inside and Out, Body Confidence, Reflection and Celebration
  • Optional: Participate in the Buddy System with Buddy Activities for extra accountability.
  • Optional: Roll Call – to help keep you accountable there is a weekly roll call in the group. For extra accountability, you have the option of giving me the email of someone close to you that you would like me to contact to help me help you get your ass back in gear.

I created B4 because I know the power of a strong Pilates habit, it can change your life. I know this because I have experienced it myself.

I had lost confidence in my body and its abilities, I was tired and in pain. I thought that there was nothing I could do because I had already tried, and I thought I had failed.

Then I gave myself another chance.

And I found Pilates. I found a teacher and studio I loved. When I saw how simple the exercises were, when my pain began to go away, and when I began to feel more in control of my own body, I started to realize that I hadn’t failed. I just hadn’t found the fitness routine, environment, and support that I needed.

This is why I made B4 because I want to provide this for you. I want to help you feel in control or your body through Pilates and self-care.

Brain/Booty Boss Breakthrough isn’t just another online fitness program. You know, the kind that is all printable pdfs, generic videos with no personality, and zero support, community, or fun?

B4 is personalized to your needs, comes with a supportive group that are doing the program with you, and weekly conversations, webinars, and self-explorative tasks, that will help you get to the finish line.

I’ve designed this program to help you take ownership of your own workout routine, not to hook you into expensive private sessions or to sell you the next big program in my funnel.

This is it, this is all you will need to turn over a new leaf and create a habit, a lifestyle, that includes your Pilates practice.

Don’t spend your time wondering if you are doing the right routine for your goals, or waste your time procrastinating, or being stopped by roadblocks.