Pilates Essentials: Get over the fear that you aren't doing it right and connect deeper with your body.

Pilates Essentials will take you from beginner to intermediate Pilates student in 14 lessons for a more efficient workout.

I designed this class after students would come to me seeking private lessons for the same common reasons.

  • It can be overwhelming and confusing to hear detailed cues in large Pilates classes at the gym or on a video. You are always left wondering, “Were they talking to me?”
  • When you workout at home you wish you had a Pilates teacher in your living room to answer questions, focus on form, and teach you the details behind the exercises.
  • You started Pilates because your feeling disconnected from your body, or even in pain, but you can’t afford private lessons.

I felt the same way when I started Pilates in 2012!

When I first started doing Pilates I was in my early 20s and disconnected from my body. I wanted to take my health into my own hands, but didn’t know where to start. I felt lost and uncomfortable in large group classes or the gym. I wanted to workout from home, but knew that I knew that I really needed private instructions so that I felt comfortable and like I  knew what I was doing.

So I spent 100s of dollars on private sessions.

And it helped. I started to learn about my body through movement. My teacher taught me the ins and outs of form making me feel the exercises deeper and really understand why I was doing them.

This is who I want to be for you. I want to help you dive deep into the Pilates repertoire helping you connect mind and body, brain and booty so that you feel confident in your practice and start a journey that will lead to a feeling of ease in your body, more confidence in your abilities, and an effective, deep workout. You’ll realize that a toned core is just a bonus.

But I don’t want to charge you 100s of dollars, my goal is to help as many people as possible, which is why I have made the Pilates Essentials online course available for only $47.

After this course you will:

  • Know the fundamentals of the Pilates exercises, allowing you to practice from home with more confidence.
  • Practice Pilates more effectively, leading to a leaner body sooner.
  • Rid yourself of aches and pains through proper form and exercise that targets deep, often unused, muscles.
  • Feel more in control after taking your health into your hands.
  • Have the tools you need to start your Pilates practice and find brain/booty health.

Don’t bother wasting your time with group classes, at home videos, and expensive private lessons before knowing the basics.

Don’t leave yourself at risk for fitness burnout due to feeling as if you’re not getting anywhere, that you haven’t found the right teacher, or simply that you don’t have time to make it to a class.

Start your journey toward becoming a Brain/Booty Boss and take control of your Pilates routine with Pilates Essentials.

Save yourself time, money, and nagging self-doubt in your workout with just one affordable class.

I’ll make sure that you are supported while you move at your own pace with:

  • Access to all 14 videos as soon as you start the program. Lessons include a 10-15 minute video, written lectures, and links to relevant exercises and workouts on the Create Move Pilates YouTube Channel.
  • Access to me through the comments to ask as many questions as you would like.
  • Access to the free Create Move Pilates Facebook Group for a supportive community of like-minded students.
  • A full 45-minute downloadable workout video that incorporates exercises from all of the lessons.
  • Bonus! Pilates 101 Workshop – Breath and Core: This workshop includes a handout, lecture that was recorded live, and 45-minute movement practice. (A $50 value)
  • Bonus! Pilates Principles – A 20-page book about the guiding principles to Pilates movement. (A $15 value)

When you finish Pilates Essentials, you won’t just go through the motions of Pilates. You’ll have the ability to connect with your body deeper for a more effective exercise every time.

Still not sure if Pilates Essentials is right for you? Let me break it down into clear, manageable pieces for you, just like I do in my lessons!

Pilates Essential is for you if:

  • You are a beginner Pilates student.
  • You want to understand the how and the why behind the exercises.
  • You value form and quality over quantity.
  • You want to take ownership of your routine and be able to practice anytime and anywhere.

Pilates Essentials is not for you if:

  • You are seeking a magic bullet for fitness.
  • You enjoy someone yelling at you in a high pressure, competitive, environment.
  • You feel like building a solid foundation for your workout is a waste of time.
What does each lesson teach me?

Lesson 1: Relaxing The Back with Neutral Spine – Learn about the importance of neutral spine and how to find it using three different techniques. Includes a breathing exercise that relaxes the back and mind.

Lesson 2: Taking Neutral Spine with You – Standing and Sitting in Neutral – This lesson discusses your ideal posture in standing and sitting so that you can lengthen and support your spine in the right position while gaining height and confidence.

Lesson 3: Breath, The End and The Beginning – In this lesson, I’ll introduce you to how the breath is used in Pilates for a more effective workout through three different breathing exercises.

Lesson 4: Finding Ease In The Ribcage – The ribcage can be a cause of pain and tension in many bodies. In this lesson, you will earn about he connection between the ribcage and shoulders and how to find strength and relaxation in the ribcage for a fully connected core using one simple exercise.

Lesson 5: Give Your Spine A Hug With A Deep Ab Connection – Finally we start talking about the core 🙂 In this lesson, you’ll learn about what exactly the core means and how to properly connect with your core using your breath.

Lesson 6: Eliminating Low Back Pain With Lumbopelvic Stability – I’ve read that 80% of the population in the US will experience back pain. Are you one of them? In this lesson, I teach you how core strength, back strength, and pelvic stability combine to eliminate low back pain with three simple exercises.

Lesson 7: Stretching And Strengthening the Back Body With Bridges – I love this lesson because I get to introduce one of my favorite exercises the Pilates Bridge. I explain how to correctly perform the Pilates Bridge using the knowledge learned in previous lessons and two exercises.

Lesson 8: C- Curve Abs – Learn all about the Pilates C-curve, a deep ab strengthener and healthy stretch for the back, and the basis of many Pilates core exercises.

Lesson 9: Toning the Core with Upper Ab Curls – I end the section on the core with the upper ab curl, an essential for the 100s and many other traditional Pilates exercises.

Lesson 10: Move Your Shoulders To Ease Tension – Learn how to mobilize your shoulders to fight neck and shoulder pain in two easy exercises that you can perform anywhere you have a mat!

Lesson 11: Strong Shoulders – After mobilizing your shoulders learn how to strengthen them using the right muscles! I’ll introduce two exercise that helps strengthen and tone your shoulders, side body, and upper back.

Lesson 12: Rotator Cuff – In the final lesson on the shoulder I’ll teach you how to strengthen the tiny muscles in the shoulder that help to support your arm in two exercise. If you have torn your rotator cuff in the past this lesson is for you!

Lesson 13: Lengthen the Spine – I’ll introduce an extension of the spine to strengthen the back, lengthen the spine, and fight “text neck.”

Lesson 14: Neutral Spine in All Fours and Side-Lying – In the final lesson I introduce the last two neutral spine positions allowing you to proper form in all Pilates exercises.

Lesson 15: 45 Minute Beginner Workout Video – This video combines many of the above exercise and more into your first workout routine with a flow. After you complete all the lessons you will be ready to take this video on like a pro!

I’ve been taking Pilates for almost a year is this course right for me?

YES! This course is perfect for beginners who don’t know anything about Pilates, but they will also help the intermediate student looking to up their game and perform Pilates with a focus on form.

What concrete results will I see in my workout after finishing Pilates Essentials?

Exercises that used to feel easy will become more challenging, engage deeper muscles, and possibly even make you shake. You will understand the subtle movements that make Pilates challenging. Most importantly, you will be able to approach your at home Pilates practice with understanding rather than fear of the unknown.

I don’t learn well from videos alone, will this course still help me?

YES! This course is designed to help students that have a hard time with just videos or your teacher’s cues. I have broken down the exercises, movement principles, Pro Tips, in writing to reinforce this videos.

I don’t learn well from videos alone, will this course still help me?

YES! This course is designed to help students that have a hard time with just videos or your teacher’s cues. I have broken down the exercises, movement principles, Pro Tips, in writing to reinforce this videos.