You can take online private sessions at the Create Move Pilates Virtual Studio on the mat and the Reformer!
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Private online Pilates sessions are the quickest way to progress your Pilates practice. Personalized instruction and lessons will help you connect with your body faster leading to more efficient Pilates. Learn how the exercises feel in your own body under a watchful eye. Learn your personal challenges and the areas where you naturally shine to improve your practice.

Get all of these beautiful benefits without having to leave your living room!

You probably already know the benefits of practicing Pilates online, but just in case…

Doing Pilates at home can save you time, fit into a chaotic schedule, and allow you to practice right from your cozy living room. Having a session time also helps keep you accountable because you know that I am waiting for you on another side of the screen.

You might be wondering what gets lost in translation between private online Pilates and in-person Pilates sessions. The most significant thing is touch. Unfortunately, the technology does not yet exist for me to reach the screen and physically cue you, this can be seen as a positive because it allows you to learn how to cue yourself. Throughout the session, I will be combining, visual cues (showing you the exercise), verbal cues, and teaching you how to use physical cues on yourself. 

I also offer you the opportunity to record and download your session to keep forever, something that is unavailable at in-person studios. These videos are unedited, but essentially you could end up with a personalized Pilates workout library featuring you!

So to recap, online private Pilates is for you if:

  • You want to fit private sessions into a busy schedule.
  • You want a Pilates teacher to help keep you accountable to your practice at home.
  • You want to connect deeper with your body while progressing in your Pilates practice!

Online private Pilates is not for you if:

  • You don’t want private instruction.
  • You prefer large group classes.
  • You NEED to be physically cued by your teacher.

Want to see if online private sessions are right for you? Contact me to set up a FREE 30-minute meet and greet. This video call is a time for us to get to know each other, chat about your goals, and to set up a time for your first full session.

What you’ll need for a private session:

  • A thick mat, two stacked mats, or a mat on a carpet.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Enough space so that your screen can capture your whole body, standing or lying down (hallways are good, so is the living room with the coffee table pushed aside).
  • A laptop or desktop.

Initial Pilates Session

A 1 hour and 15-minute session all about you.


Recorded 1:1 Skype session that you can keep forever

Postural assessment

Goal analysis to establish a plan for moving forward

30-45 minute workout

Price: $40





12 Week Renewal

Take ownership of your body.


Initial Session fee waived.

2 weekly 50-minute private Pilates sessions (a total of 24 sessions at $55 a piece)

A recording of each session

Access to the Pilates Essentials course (a $47 value)

Unlimited access to me through email

A $25 discount on a 5-pack of sessions.

Price: $1,325

Must be completed in 12 weeks at the rate of two sessions per week.





Single Sessions and Packs

Continue your Pilates practice.


50-minute private Pilates session(s)

A recording of each session

Single Session Price: $65

5-Pack of Sessions Price: $300

Must have completed Initial Session before purchasing.

All sessions must be used within 90 days.





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