I love sugar. If I am not careful, I become the kind of person that hides Skittles in her purse and carries Jolly Ranchers in my pockets. It’s a problem.  That’s why I have to be acutely aware how much sugar I am eating. A treat or two can quickly turn into a full-on sugar binge. Once I get going, I find it very hard to start. That is because the more sugar we eat, the less we can taste it so the more we need to satisfy our taste buds.

Sugar addiction is a real thing. Serotonin is released when we eat sugar which is our feel-good chemical. The serotonin makes us feel good when we eat the sugar, but it also makes us irritable when we experience a sugar crash. Seratonin is one of the reasons we want more and more sugar. Once we enter this cycle of serotonin and over saturated tastebuds, it can be hard to break.

Luckily as someone who believes in moderation, I have lots of experience breaking the sugar craving cycle. I know that sometimes when those cravings hit, they hit hard. Here are my top five tips for stopping a sugar craving in its tracks:


  1. Drink water – Or green juice. Or La Croix. Or tea. Water is always best, but sometimes that doesn’t stop the craving right that moment. As an alternative try La Croix or tea with a little fresh citrus juice squeezed in it. My favorite tea combination is chamomile and orange, instead of the traditional lemon.
  2. Go for a walk – Sometimes when that sugar craving hits the best thing to do is switch up your environment. Try going for a walk.
  3. Eat fruit with a side of protein – Try apple and nut butter or a fruit smoothie with protein powder. The combination of fruit (sugar) and protein will satisfy you and keep you full longer.
  4. Is the treat near you? Throw it out!
  5. Stretch or do a full-blown workout – Choose whichever one is going to make you feel good. You are looking for that serotonin boost, which happens when we eat sugar but also occurs after we move our bodies in pleasurable ways. Have you been sitting on the couch all day fighting a sugar craving? Get your body up and move!