Total Body Tone Pilates is a series of Pilates workout videos will focus on the classic Pilates exercises. Total Body Tone is a beginner series designed to prepare you for the advanced work. Practice this series over and over and you will have what it takes to move on in the Pilates repertoire with ease.

Pilates is designed to be a practice. Something that we work at continuously, striving for, but never actually obtaining perfection. The videos in this series provide you with the stepping stones you need to create and progress in that practice. Perfect for the Pilates beginner Total Body Tone is a series of three Pilates practices that can be done together or separately, depending on what you have time for that day.

Each video contains a series of classic Pilates exercises that will further your practice as a whole.  Through this Pilates practice, you will learn to connect with your entire body in new ways. Make this series a weekly practice to watch your skills develop and your muscles to tone uniformly for balanced muscle development.

Total Body Tone Pilates Part 1

This beginner Pilates workout focuses on stretching the body while working the core for a balanced Pilates practice.

You will do the following exercises:

All Fours Breath


Tail Wag

Upper Ab Curl



Roll Downs

Rolling Like A Ball

Spine Stretch Forward

Chest Opener

Total Body Tone Pilates Part 2

Work the back and side body while getting a deep stretch for the back and hips. Perfect for those who have tight upper shoulders or know that they need to work on extension. Improve your posture with this quick workout.

What you will do in this video:

Spine Stretch Forward



Small Single Leg Circles

Baby Swan

Quad Stretch

Single Leg Kicks

Hip Sway

Total Body Tone Pilates Part 3

Build up your plank strength while working your arms and core in this all fours centered workout. Move the body through each move with the feeling of lifting and wrapping through your core to improve your stabilization.

Get ready to work your body with:

Sternum Drops

Opposite Arm/Leg Reach

Low Plank

Side-lying Legs Series

Half Plank Push Up

Child’s Pose

Love the series! Share the link with a friend. Got questions? Let me hear them in the comments. I’d love to help you understand your body on a deeper level through functional fitness.

Peace and Pilates,

Sarah Clark